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Faucet Stems & Bonnets
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40-3019P#40 Stem and Bonnet Pair, LH & RHPhoenix$9.66Photo
40-3020CCold Stem & BonnetPhoenix$4.83Photo
40-3159Garden Filler Replacement SeatPhoenix$1.14Photo
40-3020HHot Stem & BonnetPhoenix$4.83Photo
40-3155Lavatory & Ledge Replacement SeatPhoenix$0.57Photo
40-3022NNew Diverter StemPhoenix$3.69Photo
40-3022Old Shower Diverter Stem/40-3013Phoenix$3.69Photo
40-3115BReplacement Flat Washer Used for replacements on faucets. Size 00 3/16" I.D. 1/2" O.D.Radiator Speciality$5.75Photo
40-3020LStem & BonnetPhoenix$4.14Photo
40-3020PStem & BonnetPhoenix$4.75Photo
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