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Outlet/Switch Boxes Plates
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30-9086Brown Duplex Wall PlateEagle$0.37Photo
30-9088Brown Duplex Wall Plate, Jumbo SizeEagle$1.95Photo
30-9082Brown Toggle Wall Plate, Jumbo sizeEagle$1.03Photo
30-9075Double Outlet/Switch BoxAllied$3.85Photo
30-9087Ivory Duplex Wall Plate (brown shown)Eagle$0.37Photo
30-9089Ivory Duplex Wall Plate (brown shown), Jumbo SizeEagle$1.03Photo
30-9083Ivory Toggle Wall Plate (brown shown), Jumbo sizeEagle$1.03Photo
30-9091Ivory Two Gang Toggle Plate (brown shown), Ribbed designEagle$0.77Photo
30-9077Round Outlet BoxAllied$2.97Photo
30-9076Single Outlet BoxAllied$1.48Photo
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